Veettikunnu Island

Veettikunnu Island

Check In 27 Oct, 2020 Tuesday
Check Out 28 Oct, 2020 Wednesday

Who would like spend a day and night in a lonely place which is separated from the rest of the world with the water body, if yes this is your place to stay. Veettikunnu Island nest located in the island of Parambikulam reservoir. This island is far enough to row the boat around for one and half hours. You will be from from any disturbance (even you will not get any mobile signal too) and can spend a peaceful time with your loved ones. It has an accommodation capacity of 5 person. Four expert boatmen along with a naturalist guide will accompany you to stay. Guests have to purchase their food provision, and our boatmen will prepare for you in their traditional cooking talent. The view from the island is endless, gives you real feel of living in different world, without any communication to the outside world. And the most interesting is their you can sight herds of big tusker’s swimming through the reservoir. Even spotted deer, sambar deer and wild boars will join you in the island. Rarely big cats may follow them too. ……..You have to bring your car for the commutation inside the sanctuary and for the jungle safari. One naturalist guide will accompany you with your vehicle through out the tour. ***************Kindly note that two and three wheeler vehicles are not allowed inside the tiger reserve. Availability will depend on the climate, as it requires to row around 5 kilometers through the reservoir. Forest Check post entry fee extra. Checking time 12.00 PM at the information centre. For more details contact us on +91-9442201690 / +91-9442201691.

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Check Out : Next day 10.30 AM

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Holidays 9700

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