Treetop hut, Parambikulam

Treetop hut, Parambikulam

Check In 27 Oct, 2020 Tuesday
Check Out 28 Oct, 2020 Wednesday




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Located in the amidst of teak plantations gives an amble view to the large woods from the balcony. Most of the time you will be busy hearing the sings of birds which will sooth you mind and refresh your thoughts. It is located in a walk-able distance from the honeycomb complex. Most of the nights you will guarded either by a herd of spotted deers or the big elephants in the woods. Includes- Jungle Safari in your own vehicle(mind it always that two and three wheeler automobiles are not allowed inside the tiger reserve), Bamboo rafting at Parambikulam Reservoir, Tribal symphony – Tribal art performance* , Trekking/Bird watching. ……..You have to bring your car for the commutation inside the sanctuary and for the jungle safari. One naturalist guide will accompany you with your vehicle through out the tour. *Minimum 5 jungle camps should be there. ***************Kindly note that two and three wheeler vehicles are not allowed inside the tiger reserve. Forest Check post entry fee extra. For more details contact us on +91-9442201690 / +91-9442201691.

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Rate in ₹
Week Days3000
Holidays 3600
Extra per head1200

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