Do’s and Don’ts

• Habitat Management.
• India Eco Development Project.
• Environmental Awareness Activities.

Eco-tourism activities

Eco-tourism activities at Parambikulam Tiger Reserve provides meaningful employment to the tribal communities within the tiger reserve. It provides visitors an opportunity to have a glance at forest vegetation, to appreciate scenic landscapes, and in certain instances, sightings of endangered, rare and protected wildlife. The revenue generated from ecotourism initiatives are also channelized towards forest protection, educational initiatives related to nature and environmental sustainability and research endeavors.

Ecotourism at Parambikulam Tiger Reserve is conducted at the buffer zones of the tiger reserve so that the core zones of the tiger reserve remain unaffected by human intrusion due to tourism related activities. The visitors are expected to consider their visit to the tiger reserve as an opportunity to learn more about nature and forest, and thus to respect the area and its constituents. While a visitor is provided with various facilities related to accommodation, one also needs to understand that these facilities are located inside a forest region and there are constraints that are unique to the region. A visit to the eco-shop will provide you with products that may help you to carry memories of your visit to Parambikulam Tiger Reserve.

There are guidelines that a visitor is expected to adhere to, and these guidelines are listed in other sections of this website. One has to note that animal sightings, especially of certain species, may be rare, while there are also species whose sightings are common during a safari inside the reserve. The expectations of animal sightings should be kept to a minimum. Being in silence and appreciating nature is one of the ways which you will derive the maximum benefit for your visit to the reserve.